Beer tastes much better with that foamy top

First of all, to truly enjoy beer you need to drink it from a glass! Never drink directly from the bottle.
I can’t stress this enough. The main reasons for using a glass are:

  • Much of the flavor comes from the head of the beer. This can’t be accomplished in a bottle.
  • The longer the head stays (the firmer it is) generally the better quality beer you have
  • When actually drinking the beer a lot of the taste comes from the aroma, which can’t be enjoyed through a thin hole on a beer bottle.

So what we are really after is pouring a beer into the glass and have about 2-3 fingers of head.

To accomplish this we use a special technique. Before you pour the beer though, make sure the glass is clean.
Spots or leftover soap that comes from cleaning the glass will make the head come apart.

Pouring the beer

The actual pouring of the beer is an art. Luckily It is very easy to learn. First of all don’t just dump the beer into the glass.
You start by tilting the glass in a 45 degree angle and then pour the beer gently into the glass targeting the middle of the glass.

You want to make sure you don’t pour to fast as this will affect how the foam materializes when you’re done pouring.
When the glass is about halfway full you straighten the glass and finish the pour (this will create the head you want).
With a little bit of training you will master this technique and the beer you drink will forever taste better.

As a comparison, try a sip of the beer from the bottle and then try the same beer from the glass you just poured.
You will notice a huge difference in flavor.